16 June 2006

Second Place - A Victory

On Sunday, we finally made it to this year's Annual Retired Greyhound Races. My Lulu got all signed up to run even though I had serious doubts that my baby would not do much of anything while on the track.

You see, Lulu only ran six races professionally. Her best finish was 3rd Place. Of course, poor little Lulu was riddled with the million various parasites during this time. She was sick. Very sick. And still managed to finish 3rd once.

Due to her lack of formal races and immense distaste of the racing muzzle, the prospects for Lulu to even think on running while on the track were nil. Race 16 - our race. Lulu - Number 047. Her racing silk - the powder blue #2. That racing silk - as my mother pointed out - was worn by all the big losers in the previous races. Things not looking so good for my Lulu. Time to put the racing muzzle on - - Lulu so not happy. I have a little pep talk with her - go run for fun honey - I love you no matter what. Time to go to the starting box -Montana Man takes Lulu. I go to the end of the track to catch her - that is if she actually leaves the starting box.

The dogs are released. Do my eyes deceive me? Is that my little blue brindle hound girl running like a maniac?? Toward me?? As if to be in the LEAD?!?! YES - RUN LULU RUN!!

My girl! The rush of excitement! My girl!

Then about 3/4 of the way down the track a nasty black male hound taps her on her hind quarters with his muzzle. This mid-race touch startled my girl. She stops momentarily on the track. Then realizes - MUST RUN!

Back in full on crazy greyhound sprint! RUN LULU RUN! I am beaming! I am so proud! My girl can really run! I caught her at the end of the straight away. I didn't see where she placed as she crossed the finish line. I didn't really care. All that mattered was my girl ran! She did it. And she was happy. We were happy - my girl and I. The two of us have been to hell and back but we made it through together. Sunday was a momentous victory - Lulu and I are happy and healthy today. Truly, honestly, happy and healthy.

In exiting the track, we were handed our ribbons. Lulu took home a beautiful red ribbon. Red - Second Place. Lulu's best finish ever!

Obviously, we will be coming back next year.