08 October 2015

compatibility... astrologically and otherwise

So another evening with Ballroom has transpired.

I adore the man. I honestly and truly do.

There isn't any pretense. No guessing. No wondering. Not a hint of a game.

Simply this awesome flow of acceptance and understanding.

Just openness and honesty.

Ballroom was super cute as he read to me about our astrological compatibility. He did censor part of it by openly stating he was skipping over the Capricorn man and Scorpio woman in bed.

But it is so easy. So natural. All my normal hangups are non-existent.

Are y'all sitting down? I have actually told him that I like him. Not only that but that I like him a lot. And I have done that on several occasions. Who in the hell am I?!?!

But I know like I know like I know that this is it. He focused in on the fact that per the astrological compatibility, we are soul mates.

Whatever title is affixed, I can only speak for myself in that for a very long time now I have known that Ballroom was for me. The feeling is so utterly different than anything I have ever felt.

Best part of this evening was that when we parted ways, we hugged and as we disentangled, he grabbed me around the waist and simply said, "kiss me good night" and he promptly planted a big kiss on my lips.

Life is good.