31 March 2008

more later...

the southern gentleman's visit was good. low key but good.

i definitely had a level of expectation that was way out of the stratosphere, which kinda marred the goodness factor a bit until i re-grounded myself.

he was tired from his party-like-a-rock-star trip the previous weekend. so the mood was a little on the tired side.

we had a few interesting conversations... generalities as opposed to using each other's names...

we are still planning our holiday abroad. he said he'd come back to SxSWland before i leave. most importantly, he called me last night when he finally arrived home. we spoke about 20 minutes and all the while he had this dreamy quality to his voice.

moral of the story, i learned that we are operating on his schedule and not mine. his schedule is moving at a different pace than mine. obviously, i must continue to work on my patience... that damn 'p' word i love so much :(

as the title implies, i will connect the dots of our weekend later this evening...

24 March 2008

Another 48 Hours

48 hours from now....

... The Southern Gentleman will be here

... We will have already finished one cocktail

... He will have met the dogs

... I will have given him a tour of my new temporary digs

... I will be pouring our second cocktail

... We will be catching up on life in the past six months since we've seen each other

... Deep conversations to follow

... hopefully change will be afoot

19 March 2008

a week from today...

the southern gentleman arrives.

i am full of emotions. excitement. giddiness. anticipation. nervousness. eager. scared. disbelief that is laced with joy. full-on pms does not help any of this either.

facing the reality that my world is truly changing, evolving. ready to let him in; ready to jump off that cliff, unsure of what lays waiting for me below but knowing deep within my being that this jump will end with a safe landing.

finding myself surprised at the level of belief i have, the faith, the knowing. have never been an 'all chips on one red square' kind-of girl. but in this situation, i wholeheartedly am.

the high level itinerary is assembled. the easter basket should arrive today. he is off for a brief holiday tomorrow as am i.

and a week from today, fireworks will go off when he arrives at SxSWland...

14 March 2008


Hot off the presses from CheddarX:

Name 5 things you are looking forward to
1. The Southern Gentleman’s upcoming visit (T-minus 12 days! 12!)
2. The Bluebonnets blooming in abundance
3. The day when The Southern Gentleman and I are an official item
4. Obtaining my job certification (but I have to finish the paperwork first…)
5. Embarking on a new chapter in my life

Name 4 things you wish you could do again
1. My 33rd birthday weekend – it was fabulous
2. Instead of going along with ex-leech to the frozen tundra, insisted we went to my adopted uncle’s memorial
3. Made a trip to see Goofy Buddy before he died
4. The Montevideo holiday... heavenly sangria and juicy red meat... yum!

Name 3 experiences you wish you could share with your SO
1. The heart filling joy coming home to my dogs gives me, daily
2. An understanding of how truly happy hearing his voice makes me
3. Several of my past world travel adventures

Name 2 things you wish you hadn't said
1. My Christmas work-related meltdown
2. Telling Montana Man about The Southern Gentleman’s first visit

Name 1 thing that keeps you from going completely insane
1. Knowing that tomorrow will be better with the help of my pal, the vodka martini

12 March 2008

Remembering Routine

Life has been hectic.

Work has ramped up. Each work day is growing closer to a twelve hour day. Without internet access at home (besides trying to eat up the weak unencrypted signal that is only available at the front of the house), I have not been turning on the computer in the evening.

I forgot how much responsibility the dogs are... like the amount of potty breaks. In the morning, simply putting them outside when we wake up and then again before I leave for the office consumes a minimum of 15 minutes on a good day. 15 minutes that I - a very non-morning person - cannot afford to lose. At least we are all starting to get into a routine finally. I have resorted to setting up a lot of things at night to ease the morning rush... makes me feel so very soccer mom :( Funny but sad, how a routine make life somehow a bit easier...

But in the things to look forward to department, The Southern Gentleman arrives two weeks from today!! (still squealing with delight!) I have several things to do in preparation for his arrival, like keep house, clean dogs, stock food, acquire copious amounts of liquor, and look ravishing. Obviously, the next two weeks will be very busy, but that will only make the days go by faster and our tall, dark, and handsome Southern Gentleman will be here before we know it!

At least I know what I will be wearing to fetch him from the airport... my other Steve Madden dress, black patent leather heels, and my new intoxicating Cartier perfume... dee-lish!

Because this just made my day...


Thanks ESC!

05 March 2008

Supporting the Girls

A few weeks ago, I sucked up my body issues and marched into Victoria’s. After my weight gain and subsequent weight loss, I have been residing in bra limbo. The fat bras are too big; the skinny bras remain a smidge tight – that’s what the final five pounds desperately clinging to my body will do.

I subjected myself to getting fitted. Yes, I let the pencil thin Vickie’s sales girl attack me with her measuring tape. I had been dreading it due the unknown of it all. Pre-weight gain, I was a 34B. I liked being a 34B – I could run around without a bra on and not look too gross. As you can tell, I am not a fan of hauling around big knockers. A padded bra is quite alright by me.

She measured everything twice, then a third time, which only added to my dread. “Well, you are between sizes.” Great! Story of my life any more… damn you, you five pounds! “I think you would do best in a 34C as opposed to a 36B.”

Did she say 34C? The heavens opened ever so slightly sending down a teensy ray of hope… 34 is part of my world again! 34C is close enough to 34B for me these days. My dread has lifted. I bought a bunch of bras with my 5 year old Vicki’s gift certificate – a remnant from my bridal shower returns.

Having bras that truly fit again is a wondrous thing. Opening my bra drawer every morning and actually having choices is sublime. Some sort of switch flipped in this experience and in a small way I am ok with that part of my body now. And depending on how things go on The Southern Gentleman’s upcoming holiday, some of those bras and panties may just see the light of day…

04 March 2008

Christmas arrived on Monday

Our dear Southern Gentleman arrived back in the country on Friday. Jet lagged or not, he called me on Sunday. We spoke at great length. He mentioned coming down here, most likely in April. For once in my life, I opened my mouth and clearly stated "I cannot wait until April to see you."

The result? He bought his ticket yesterday. The Southern Gentleman is arriving in 21 days. If I weren't in the office, I would have screamed with excitement!

Last time I was excited and scared. This time I am simply excited. He is not leaving without both of us having a clear direction. This is the beginning of something great and he has to know that I am out there on the plank with him.

I've already decided what I am going to wear when I fetch him at the airport. The other Steve Madden is coming out of the closet. Along with my new black patent leather heels.

Thrilled! Need to figure out our high level itinerary! Definitely, his bottle of favorite booze will be chilling in the frig!