12 March 2008

Remembering Routine

Life has been hectic.

Work has ramped up. Each work day is growing closer to a twelve hour day. Without internet access at home (besides trying to eat up the weak unencrypted signal that is only available at the front of the house), I have not been turning on the computer in the evening.

I forgot how much responsibility the dogs are... like the amount of potty breaks. In the morning, simply putting them outside when we wake up and then again before I leave for the office consumes a minimum of 15 minutes on a good day. 15 minutes that I - a very non-morning person - cannot afford to lose. At least we are all starting to get into a routine finally. I have resorted to setting up a lot of things at night to ease the morning rush... makes me feel so very soccer mom :( Funny but sad, how a routine make life somehow a bit easier...

But in the things to look forward to department, The Southern Gentleman arrives two weeks from today!! (still squealing with delight!) I have several things to do in preparation for his arrival, like keep house, clean dogs, stock food, acquire copious amounts of liquor, and look ravishing. Obviously, the next two weeks will be very busy, but that will only make the days go by faster and our tall, dark, and handsome Southern Gentleman will be here before we know it!

At least I know what I will be wearing to fetch him from the airport... my other Steve Madden dress, black patent leather heels, and my new intoxicating Cartier perfume... dee-lish!

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