10 September 2013

daily grind

No Bernard stories for y'all as he did not come out on Friday night. At least I looked cute and did enjoy myself regardless.

Work has been busier than usual, which has taken my mind away from such frivolous things as Bernard. Even though I am feeling an itty bit better about the day-to-day work activities, along comes an unnecessary sucker punch that full on reminds me that I must look for another job as of October 1st.

My runs have picked up lately. Clearly, this whole proper half marathon training thing has some form of validity to it. Strenuous activity 6 days a week for 15 weeks has taken a toll on my body recently. The pain doesn't seem to dissipate as quickly as it once did. Oddly, I wake up at 4:45 AM rather bright eyed and bushy tailed, which is truly sick for a non-morning person. Maybe that is changing.

Off to work out and there is a four mile run facing me in the dark hours of the morning.

Ta-ta for now! 

04 September 2013


I received a text message yesterday from a random phone number.

As I read the message I almost fell out of my chair because it was from Bernard!

Remember Bernard, the Fourth of July man?

He stated that he only got my email today when he logged on to the site, which is completely understandable. But he sent me a message almost immediately thereafter. We talked via SMS back and forth for about an hour. Not anything earth shattering but he made the effort and thus my hope in humanity was restored. Honestly, I was so exited to hear from him.

I may see him on Friday. I am looking forward to that prospect. Now to decide what to wear... that is the kind of problem I enjoy having :)