25 September 2011

Prayers Desperately Needed

The past five weeks have been an utter nightmare.

On a plain old Tuesday night, I got home from work. Let Lulu out and within moments I heard her scream. I remember thinking that Lulu took off out the door quicker than usual. She was a greyhound at top speed.

She broke her leg.

Not a clean break, but shattered the bone.

After a 6 hour surgery, she had a shiny new metal plate and screws in her leg; to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

After providing her with round the clock care to make sure that leg would mend, on Monday we had the 4 week x-rays. The x-rays showed worse case, the bones were not growing back together. In fact, the surgery had not taken. The only option for her - amputation.

Tuesday Lulu's leg was removed. It has been a tough week but together Lulu and I were making it. Friday's bandage change resulted in high concerns, and she was rushed to the internal medicine doctor and admitted to the ICU for the weekend.

While the other complications are improving, Lulu's surgical site is now the primary concern. The ICU surgeon will evaluate her in the morning.

Please please pray for my little hound girl. She has been my lifeline through so many events. Please pray for Lulu's recovery.