18 April 2012

rejection at its finest

Yesterday I finally heard back from nouveau company.

A simple email stating my skills were not a good match.

Cue intense blood pressure spike.

So off the mark. The last interviewer didn't like me, plain and simple. He judged me on some other criteria but my skill set. To be blunt, my name is synonymous with the job I applied for. It is a unique role for which very few people can do it. The Life Sucking Vampire project proved I am elite in my field. The skill set excuse is not valid.

Upon receipt of the rejection, I did send a love note to nouveau company's HR director about the line crossing interview. I may not have gotten the job but the inappropriate interviewer has also been turned in.

At least I was not the only one side swiped by this man's poor decision making skills. There were a lot of angry people yesterday. But I do remain disappointed. I don't want to leave Austin; however, it appears the time has finally come. My heart is heavy at all the things I am going to miss down here. My life is here. 

11 April 2012

pins and needles

My third and final interview was two weeks ago Thursday. Since then, I have not heard a single word from nouveau company. Last Friday, I placed a call to them which has gone unanswered. Today, I gave up and sent an email inquiring if they are still interested. I am so tired of not knowing a single thing. Being kept in the dark may be good for mushrooms, but it is starting to break me.

We'll see what I hear back. The third interview did not go well as the interviewer took the conversation to unusual places. Overall, it was a stark contrast to the previous two. I know I am letting my doubt take over because honestly, they'd be silly not to want me. I have been patient long enough, so today I went with action.

09 April 2012


In ten days, my rental home will be packed, loaded onto a truck, and headed back to the Mile High City. Each day, my dread of the end here grows. I find myself concentrating and connecting with the little things that make Stepford special such as:

  • The geckos that I was once absolutely terrified of but now have a mutual understanding with as we coexist on this little piece of property.
  • The blue jays that spend an excessive amount of time in my yard. Those birds never fail to bring a smile to my face.
  • The hummingbirds who love the red plants in the side yard. I was disappointed when I realized I wouldn't see the hummingbirds before I left; however, this morning, I did see the long, slender hummingbird nectar hunting. It made my heart sing. 
  • The squirrels. Particularly the young squirrel with the thin bottle brush tail who loved playing with Lulu. His tail is unusual and I have watched him since he was a baby. He quickly learned to play with Lulu - more like taunt her so she'd chase him along the fence line. One time she actually tried to follow him up the oak tree - it was quite a sight, this long dog with ears at attention and long front legs stretched up the tree carefully balancing on her hind legs. Oh the routine those two had worked out. The little squirrel would come to the French doors so Lulu would see him and poof, let the fun begin. They both loved it. The little squirrel continues their routine, still flicking his tail toward the window as he hangs down from the tree and comes to the door a few times a week looking for his playmate. For a rodent, he is pretty brilliant. 

I have spent three years here at Stepford. I have never been one to get attached to a house, but Stepford is different. For all the fun I poke at Stepford, these brick walls and concrete floors have been my home and helped to form me, to heal me, to grow me. I never thought I would be this emotional. I remind myself of all the goodness that was born here, the wonderful memories that will sustain me.