18 April 2012

rejection at its finest

Yesterday I finally heard back from nouveau company.

A simple email stating my skills were not a good match.

Cue intense blood pressure spike.

So off the mark. The last interviewer didn't like me, plain and simple. He judged me on some other criteria but my skill set. To be blunt, my name is synonymous with the job I applied for. It is a unique role for which very few people can do it. The Life Sucking Vampire project proved I am elite in my field. The skill set excuse is not valid.

Upon receipt of the rejection, I did send a love note to nouveau company's HR director about the line crossing interview. I may not have gotten the job but the inappropriate interviewer has also been turned in.

At least I was not the only one side swiped by this man's poor decision making skills. There were a lot of angry people yesterday. But I do remain disappointed. I don't want to leave Austin; however, it appears the time has finally come. My heart is heavy at all the things I am going to miss down here. My life is here. 


Fiona said...

Ggggrrrrrrr. Bastid!!!!

SO sorry about this my lovely but there's something out there for you, coming soon. Some people are really bad at interviewing and I'm glad you have outed him, sounds like it is long overdue.

Write his ass up on Glassdoor.com!

Big hugs


Fiona said...

Darn it, I typed something here this morning...must have forgotten to press 'Publish your comment'!

Well my dear....gggrrrrr is what I want to say, gggggrrrr that you have had the unfortunate experience of an asshole as an interviewer.

Seriously, you should expose his sorry ass on Glassdoor.com

I know something will come along, probably even better because hey, most things happen for a reason right?

Thinking of you and wishing good things for you Patsy.

Hugs and love


Carla said...

Sorry for the bad experience but glad you got the job. Are you leaving Texas or just Austin?
Good Luck

patsy said...

Thanks, Fi!

Carla, I'll be leaving the great state of texas :(