24 May 2010

recap: mini-break

My mini-break.

It was wonderful. I had a fantastic time and grew to like Super Dad all the more. In fact, I was quite sad to leave his little corner of the universe. As expected the time went by too quickly and I felt more at home than anticipated.

At the top of the escalator, Super Dad was waiting for me at the main terminal. It was heavenly to see his smiling face and I was surprised at the elated feeling that coursed through me at that moment. We made our way through the maze of airport insanity and headed north toward the lake. I met his various friends from one of his circles. They were nice and welcoming. We enjoyed a casual dinner with them on the lake and then headed back toward town to Super Dad’s home.

His house was secluded and much like I pictured. His deck was painted the same color as mine, which I found odd. We relaxed in the hot tub, enjoying the calm night air. Sleeping arrangements were a shared bed where I fell asleep in his arms. Each night I slept through without waking even once. Such a lovely and welcomed change from my typical sleepless nights. Overall, I felt very much at home at Super Dad's residence.

We enjoyed grocery shopping for our special Friday night shipboard dinner. Super Dad and I went to the boat and met up with the rest of the boating crew for the party. Super Dad's friends liked me and they were funny causing me to constantly wear a smile on my face. As the evening progressed, the fun continued. As we were leaving for the evening, I was scooped up into the arms of one of his friends and carried away. I am fairly sure that Super Dad has never brought anyone on that boat that has been so warmly received.

Saturday was a lazy day and we met another set of Super Dad's friends. We rounded out Saturday evening with a lovely dinner downtown at an exclusive restaurant. Sadly, I went home and fell directly to sleep due to sheer exhaustion resulting from relaxation.

Another lazy morning and afternoon was enjoyed as Sunday continued to tick away toward my impending departure. I dreaded leaving, knowing that once I got onto that plane, I did not know when I would return. Super Dad and I had such a wonderful time together. I love the warm feeling enveloping me.

My mini-break was a success.

13 May 2010

it's here

Heading to the deep south later today for my weekend mini-break with Super Dad. I am super excited! I cannot wait to see him at the airport!

I am elated at the thought of starting this new chapter. I cannot wait!

The best is yet to come...

07 May 2010

ignorance is bliss

Right now. In my little corner of my little universe, the saying, "Ignorance is bliss" is ever so very utterly true.

This is going to be a core dump, stream-of-consciousness because I am in shock. I am sad. I am afraid.

Mrs. Horse and I were chatting online about our planned shopping outing over the weekend. Mrs. Horse has not been told by myself or Super Dad that we are seeing each other, but Mrs. Horse knows. Super Dad and I both agree that she has figured it out.

Mrs. Horse moves the conversation from shopping strategy to Super Dad. I know where she is going. However, Mrs. Horse took a sharp left turn when she inquired as to how much I know about Super Dad's health. I tell her that he has shared snippets with me, like he had cancer many years ago and a surgery last year for pain stemming from the cancer surgery. Mrs. Horse proceeds to tell me that Super Dad is undergoing radiation again. They'll know in two weeks if the radiation worked again.

And it was with those two sentences that I have a myriad of emotions swirling around inside my body. Pieces of conversations Super Dad and I have had now make sense. He "told" me in small, undetectable ways. But always in past tense. I had no idea this was Super Dad's present.

What does this all mean? Now I understand why the recent rash of deaths have shaken him. I am also amazed at his strength because on the surface, the lake water is so calm, so smooth.

Mrs. Horse swore me to secrecy as he would be furious with her for telling me.

And so the world turns.

06 May 2010

living on borrowed time

Super Dad arrived on Tuesday afternoon. He left this morning. A few days. But a few days that were ever so enjoyable. A few days that make me realize how very much I am going to miss him when our trips and time together are not so predictable. However, in one of his many phone calls to me since he returned home today, Super Dad did tell me that we'd travel between our two cities and our time together would be all about quality.

On Tuesday when I first saw Super Dad on his arrival, we were on opposite sides of a hallway. If only, I could have run to him, without abandon, I would have. But alas, I could not. I was surprised at my immediate, unconscious reaction when I saw him. After our long day at the office, we each made our way to our favorite bartender. We spent the evening sipping cocktails and enjoying life.

Wednesday was a terribly painful day and both of us were fried at the end of it. A final work dinner for us to play it low key; however, two of our dinner mates are definitely suspicious of Super Dad and me. In fact, I believe one has figured it out. Both nights he came over afterwards. No hijinks or shenanigans. Lulu loves Super Dad to pieces. He started calling himself her daddy. I corrected him and said that uncle was good enough for now.

I cannot believe that a week from today, I will be with him in his hometown. I continue to be amazed at how much fun Super Dad and I have together. I don't see our age difference, I simply look forward to hearing his voice, to seeing his eyes. My initial society imposed reservations have retreated. I am excited.

02 May 2010

more whirlwinds

Another whirlwind week here.

Sunday evening we had our evening cocktail as planned. If I may say, everything came together perfectly and I looked fabulous. I got to the bar before Super Dad did, so I settled onto one of the couches. This summer he is going on an annual Florida holiday and he invited me to join him. We had a wonderful time and did a wee bit of bar hopping.

Monday evening was our client dinner, which was rather low key. Tuesday night was our account dinner. Tuesday's meetings were not kind to me and by 4 PM I was disgusted and done with the universe. Super Dad whisked me away at 5:30 PM for happy hour relaxation. We met a wonderful bartender and together we were having so much fun that leaving to meet the larger group was difficult. At our dinner, Super Dad and I were placed next to each other at the table. I think a few people do suspect something is going on between us. We went back to visit our bartender after the proper dinner to enjoy the rest of the lovely evening.

Wednesday evening was a dinner with a co-worker and his wife. We arrived early and went to the bar to wait until our reservation time. The dinner was at a country club, so at the bar we were surrounded by golfers. At one point a man walked up to Super Dad saying, "Hello, nice to see you again." Super Dad replies with small chit-chat. As soon as the man leaves, Super Dad tells me, "I have no idea who that man was." We laughed over it and the rest of our surroundings. Dinner was a buffet, my favorite (said dripping with sarcasm). On our way back to my car, Super Dad shared with me that he was going to change his flight. He will be leaving Saturday morning instead of Friday morning. I was elated.

Thursday. Super Dad has a melt down similar to my Tuesday. Thursday night was our vendor dinner. I had to endure dinner with the Infamous Ass Grabber. Woo hoo! Super Dad told me earlier that Mr. Infamous inquired as to if something was going on between the two of us. When Super Dad replied nothing, Mr Infamous stated that he did not want to hone in on Super Dad's territory but he might make a go at me. What a crock! Like Mr. Infamous would ever have a chance with me. Yuck!

Due to non-stop nature of the week, Friday evening started off with a much needed nap. Super Dad and I rendezvoused and went on to our first stop. He was very close and kind as always. We wound our way throughout town finally ending the evening back with our new favorite bartender.

Since he returned home, Super Dad has called me daily; albeit, only two days but it is nice. Nice to hear someone tell me that he misses me and wants to hear my voice. At our final stop on Friday night, he told me that he is crazy about me and my ever skeptical self actually believes him. The sincerity in his eyes, the tone of his voice. Thus far Super Dad has been a man of his word. I continue to have this smile on my face; I like hearing the phone ring. We have such a wonderful time together. I cannot wait for his next return trip.