02 May 2010

more whirlwinds

Another whirlwind week here.

Sunday evening we had our evening cocktail as planned. If I may say, everything came together perfectly and I looked fabulous. I got to the bar before Super Dad did, so I settled onto one of the couches. This summer he is going on an annual Florida holiday and he invited me to join him. We had a wonderful time and did a wee bit of bar hopping.

Monday evening was our client dinner, which was rather low key. Tuesday night was our account dinner. Tuesday's meetings were not kind to me and by 4 PM I was disgusted and done with the universe. Super Dad whisked me away at 5:30 PM for happy hour relaxation. We met a wonderful bartender and together we were having so much fun that leaving to meet the larger group was difficult. At our dinner, Super Dad and I were placed next to each other at the table. I think a few people do suspect something is going on between us. We went back to visit our bartender after the proper dinner to enjoy the rest of the lovely evening.

Wednesday evening was a dinner with a co-worker and his wife. We arrived early and went to the bar to wait until our reservation time. The dinner was at a country club, so at the bar we were surrounded by golfers. At one point a man walked up to Super Dad saying, "Hello, nice to see you again." Super Dad replies with small chit-chat. As soon as the man leaves, Super Dad tells me, "I have no idea who that man was." We laughed over it and the rest of our surroundings. Dinner was a buffet, my favorite (said dripping with sarcasm). On our way back to my car, Super Dad shared with me that he was going to change his flight. He will be leaving Saturday morning instead of Friday morning. I was elated.

Thursday. Super Dad has a melt down similar to my Tuesday. Thursday night was our vendor dinner. I had to endure dinner with the Infamous Ass Grabber. Woo hoo! Super Dad told me earlier that Mr. Infamous inquired as to if something was going on between the two of us. When Super Dad replied nothing, Mr Infamous stated that he did not want to hone in on Super Dad's territory but he might make a go at me. What a crock! Like Mr. Infamous would ever have a chance with me. Yuck!

Due to non-stop nature of the week, Friday evening started off with a much needed nap. Super Dad and I rendezvoused and went on to our first stop. He was very close and kind as always. We wound our way throughout town finally ending the evening back with our new favorite bartender.

Since he returned home, Super Dad has called me daily; albeit, only two days but it is nice. Nice to hear someone tell me that he misses me and wants to hear my voice. At our final stop on Friday night, he told me that he is crazy about me and my ever skeptical self actually believes him. The sincerity in his eyes, the tone of his voice. Thus far Super Dad has been a man of his word. I continue to have this smile on my face; I like hearing the phone ring. We have such a wonderful time together. I cannot wait for his next return trip.

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