30 September 2008

she's back

My follies are over... at least for the time being...

Holiday was good but lots of sad things happened while I was away too.

Today is my first official day back in the office. I desperately need caffeine, although food I can do without from eating so many damn cows.

Weird things happened while I was home this weekend that have stirred up all sorts of emotions deep within my soul. Those are the thoughts occupying my mind's first class seats rather than the remnants of holiday euphoria.

But it certainly is nice to be home again with my puppy girls.

09 September 2008

Bon Voyage!

Operation Get The Hell Out Of Dodge is in full, forward movement.

Of course, work has been insane. Add to it deciding on what clothes to bring, especially when faced with this dreaded 50 pound weight limit and taking into account estimated oversea purchases weight... ugh! it is just too much math for one tired girl's brain!

I think I am set on clothing and just need to pack it neatly in the suitcase. Next up, packing the carry-on with books, cameras, contact lens supplies, and eye glasses.

And tomorrow, I board the plane for two and half lovely weeks away from reality. I can't wait but can't believe it is here already too.

Add to all this fun the fact that The Southern Gentleman has called me on Saturday, Monday, and today. He also mentioned numerous times that I must keep in touch via internet cafes while I am down there. Delighted he is super supportive of this trip, telling me during each phone call that he is happy I am going because I deserve the break. But he has yet to directly respond to the flame fanning libido email. Of course, then again he has called me three time since the email so maybe I have received his response after all.

Bon voyage for this girl. See ya in a few weeks... and don't do anything I wouldn't do! xo

05 September 2008

comfort zones

In my email correspondence with The Southern Gentleman, I tend to be the furthest thing from blunt with him when it comes to us. I prefer to use stories from my daily life to illustrate salient points. The Southern Gentleman, on the other hand, tends to deliver suggestive innuendos that are randomly generated from out of left field.

Our most recent email conversation is a prime example of our ying and yang.

My vanilla email reads: So happy you are home! Yikes! Even though my birthday is 2 months away, I am tripping out at the fact I will be 34 before I know it!

My secret underlying message: Knock, knock, hello? We are not getting any younger here?! By the way, come out here for my birthday.

The Southern Gentleman's reply: 34!! you are a young woman in the peak libido years of your life!

The Southern Gentleman's secret underlying message: 34!! you are a young woman in the peak libido years of your life!

Yes, our styles are clearly vastly different.

Typically, I would not touch his provocative reply because it is way outside my happy little comfort zone seeing as he and I are in this sort of relationship purgatory; each of us with one foot in the big relationship pool and the other foot planted on shaky, fear ground.

However, after the surprise and excitement subsided, I decided that I must travel outside my comfort zone and continue with the momentum he built. And in order to do that, I had to consult Coco as I knew she'd provide good inspiration. Coco did not disappoint (Thanks my dear!).

So this morning, I hit the reply button and sent just one sentence to The Southern Gentleman:

What good is it to be in my prime if the man who fans my flames is so far away?!

Now, we just wait and see....

03 September 2008

between the lines

life has been a bit frazzled lately. preparing mentally for holiday and getting the never ending pile of work done so i can leave in relative peace. my desk resembles fiona's pre-cleaned. simply need to ensure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed before i sail away as i do not want to leave any room for dismissal whilst i am out of sight.

i leave a week from today. my, how the month has flown by.

today i am breaking in my second pair of holiday shoes. lots of laundry shall be done this weekend as to be dressed in slacks as opposed to looking like a typical american complete with jeans and tennis shoes.

the southern gentleman is safely back in the country. somehow he misread an email i sent a few weeks ago when i was in a total panic about my upcoming holiday. the email stated that i feared i had made a huge mistake agreeing to this holiday. translated into boy terms, he read "patsy is not going on holiday" because i have now received two emails eluding to such. i suppose the southern gentleman read what he wanted to read. he said he would call tonight and at that time i will correct him because i am leery to address it via email... "where the hell did you get the idea i wasn't going?" comes across so much better in spoken word.

the piles of papers and financial penalties are beckoning me....