09 September 2008

Bon Voyage!

Operation Get The Hell Out Of Dodge is in full, forward movement.

Of course, work has been insane. Add to it deciding on what clothes to bring, especially when faced with this dreaded 50 pound weight limit and taking into account estimated oversea purchases weight... ugh! it is just too much math for one tired girl's brain!

I think I am set on clothing and just need to pack it neatly in the suitcase. Next up, packing the carry-on with books, cameras, contact lens supplies, and eye glasses.

And tomorrow, I board the plane for two and half lovely weeks away from reality. I can't wait but can't believe it is here already too.

Add to all this fun the fact that The Southern Gentleman has called me on Saturday, Monday, and today. He also mentioned numerous times that I must keep in touch via internet cafes while I am down there. Delighted he is super supportive of this trip, telling me during each phone call that he is happy I am going because I deserve the break. But he has yet to directly respond to the flame fanning libido email. Of course, then again he has called me three time since the email so maybe I have received his response after all.

Bon voyage for this girl. See ya in a few weeks... and don't do anything I wouldn't do! xo


Fiona said...

Have a wonderful time Patsy!! I look forward to hearing about your adventures :) Be safe and travel well, mi amiga!

patsy said...

Thanks, Fi! Will do! And I will enjoy a glass of wine... actually a bottle of wine just for you! xo

Renaissance Woman said...

Great! Then I have so many options of things to do! Have a fun trip.

Whiskeymarie said...

Have fun, doll.
Do all the things I would do and more. Just don't get arrested. Or join the circus.

Brighton said...

Have a blast!!