30 October 2012

not the only one

The Halloween party was fun. Rather intimidating walking into a room full of people I hardly know dressed in my Jersey Shore Jwoww finery; being eyeballed by strangers is not something I tolerate well. However upon immediately spying a friend, I breathed a sigh of relief and she did too.

Met a few friendly people as the night wore on. In fact, two of which have true friend prospects. I need to make sure that I nurture those connections. 

Another gal was there who didn't know anyone. We met her upon her arrival, greeted her and spoke with her at length. Later in the evening she came up to me and reported that my friend and I were the only friendly people she met. She was a non-threatening plain Jane, the polar opposite of me, and even she could not easily break through the various cliques. At least my physical appearance was not my sole enemy; these people just aren't friendly. A revelation that has helped my psyche immensely. 

My costume turned out fabulous! My hot pink skin tight dress. My dark self-tanner stained skin. The obnoxious fake tattoo. Hooker heels. Make up. I was quite proud of myself. 

24 October 2012

as the world turns

Life has been rather full throttle here at sleepy suburbia cottage land.

Hence a few bullet points to catch up:
  • Mr. Manners is no more. He went away and I was gone upon his arrival back. Few text messages exchanged but all Mr. Manners' previous positive follow-through fell off. 
  • Went on a few trips to Atlanta. Saw Super Dad, who proceeded to act like an immature 16 year old as opposed to the 50-something grown man that he is. I am not up for being on the receiving end of his punishment. Case closed.
  • Did not train for half marathon while in Atlanta (unless walking the aisles at Trader Joe's counts).
  • Got fairly sick upon return from Atlanta. Out of commission for nearly two weeks; meanwhile the half marathon rapidly approaches. 
  • Decide to give okcupid a try. Not holding my breath but attempting. After all, it's free.
  • Survived the first snow fall. Yes, there was lots of cursing as Austin was in the 80s during that time.
  • Successfully ran a 5k every day the week of the half marathon. 
  • Procured snappy race outfit as I knew my typical gear would not suffice in San Francisco.
  • Suffered massive stroke the morning I was due to head out to San Fran when the airline called informing me that my evening flight had been cancelled. Luckily, I was able to out earlier that same day. Massive stroke immediately adverted and rewarded with wine.
  • Had a grand time carb loading even though my body thoroughly revolted by desperately holding on to each and every carb.
  • Enjoyed spending time with both of my bestest gay friends. Made some new wonderful gay friends and fell madly in love with a three pound short hair chocolate brown chihuahua.
  • Ran my very first half marathon ever. I finished strong. I am beyond proud of myself.
  • Spent the weekend in Austin. Made me feel very home sick this time. 
  • Still trying to learn new job. Frustrated with myself but have to stop being so hard on me. 
  • Met an okcupid date. He had previously neglected to mention that he was separated. Homie don't play that. 
  • Trying to branch out and make new friends. Tough to do out here where people are not very open or friendly. Especially since I am used to everyone in Austin being the polar opposite.
  • Getting ready for Halloween. The costume party won't be like Austin but I will be dressed up any way. 
  • Hoping things calm down a bit so I can continue settling in out here in the frozen tundra.