24 October 2012

as the world turns

Life has been rather full throttle here at sleepy suburbia cottage land.

Hence a few bullet points to catch up:
  • Mr. Manners is no more. He went away and I was gone upon his arrival back. Few text messages exchanged but all Mr. Manners' previous positive follow-through fell off. 
  • Went on a few trips to Atlanta. Saw Super Dad, who proceeded to act like an immature 16 year old as opposed to the 50-something grown man that he is. I am not up for being on the receiving end of his punishment. Case closed.
  • Did not train for half marathon while in Atlanta (unless walking the aisles at Trader Joe's counts).
  • Got fairly sick upon return from Atlanta. Out of commission for nearly two weeks; meanwhile the half marathon rapidly approaches. 
  • Decide to give okcupid a try. Not holding my breath but attempting. After all, it's free.
  • Survived the first snow fall. Yes, there was lots of cursing as Austin was in the 80s during that time.
  • Successfully ran a 5k every day the week of the half marathon. 
  • Procured snappy race outfit as I knew my typical gear would not suffice in San Francisco.
  • Suffered massive stroke the morning I was due to head out to San Fran when the airline called informing me that my evening flight had been cancelled. Luckily, I was able to out earlier that same day. Massive stroke immediately adverted and rewarded with wine.
  • Had a grand time carb loading even though my body thoroughly revolted by desperately holding on to each and every carb.
  • Enjoyed spending time with both of my bestest gay friends. Made some new wonderful gay friends and fell madly in love with a three pound short hair chocolate brown chihuahua.
  • Ran my very first half marathon ever. I finished strong. I am beyond proud of myself.
  • Spent the weekend in Austin. Made me feel very home sick this time. 
  • Still trying to learn new job. Frustrated with myself but have to stop being so hard on me. 
  • Met an okcupid date. He had previously neglected to mention that he was separated. Homie don't play that. 
  • Trying to branch out and make new friends. Tough to do out here where people are not very open or friendly. Especially since I am used to everyone in Austin being the polar opposite.
  • Getting ready for Halloween. The costume party won't be like Austin but I will be dressed up any way. 
  • Hoping things calm down a bit so I can continue settling in out here in the frozen tundra.

1 comment:

Carla said...

Sorry Mr Manners was a flop.
Hope you're feeling better and the Halloween Party is fun and you meet more people.
Isn't it funny how different people are city by city, state by state?

Good luck