30 July 2009


I am tired. It has been a very long week. Very long.

Lots of progress on the work front. However, zero progress in the boy department. Ah, to have all facets of my life flowing perfectly. A girl's gotta dream, right?

Need to plan out my weekend with the invaders. As I have been working obnoxious hours, I have done very little in the planning our fun-filled times in Central Texas. Must make entertainment a priority. If it involves booze, even better!

Must get back to non-stop beating my head against the desk. Repeatedly. Yes, repeatedly.

Hopefully exciting stories are around the next bend!

28 July 2009

torn: a blonde's tale

It has been awhile since I spoke about my little pup, Juju. The main reason for her absence is because when I think of her, I miss her obnoxious little barky-self. Why? Because she has been at fat camp at her grandparents since March.

My parents and Juju came down here to the sun for a visit. Juju hates Texas; she especially hates summer in Texas, but alas she is down here to get a taste of 105 degree days that are the norm here.

Juju is a fickle blonde and I wasn't entirely sure how she would greet the mother who abandoned her four long months ago. Much to my surprise and delight, Juju was over joyed to see me, running up to me immediately, jumping into my arms, showering me with licks, and wagging her tail so hard that it shook her entire little body.

My little blonde is madly in love with my father. Very often, she is torn between choosing between me or my pops. She has changed some though. Juju has mellowed a lot. I am torn on that as I have always loved her over-the-top spunk while being simultaneously frustrated by it.

Overall, it is wonderful to have Juju around again. I will be sad to watch her leave but I know she is happier with my parents at this time. Until I am settled into a regular life again, she will have to stay with them for the next 8 months.

27 July 2009

the set-up: outcome

Thursday evening.

Much to my surprise, The Musician was handsome. And tall, and polite, and seemed to dig me. His eyes sparkled a bit when he was introduced to me. When the small group of us when to see the band, The Musician did stick around me, even briefly touched me on a few occasions. Of course watching a show is not conducive to any get-to-know-you conversations but he did ask me a few basic questions. He is working hard playing in clubs every night and teaches music during the day.

The weird part is that physically, both in build and appearance, The Musician resembles The Southern Gentleman. Similar but different. That and a few other interesting little tidbits are throwing me for a bit of a loop. I find myself asking "what if....", but not the frustrated what if thoughts that have been plaguing me for some time; these are the positive, I am ready to try, put myself out there again thoughts.

I sent out a little note to my co-worker letting her know it is okay for her to give The Musician my phone number. I know she will work her magic once she is back from holiday. Until then, maybe I'll stumble across one of his shows throughout the Live Music Capital of the World.

This town is small and I have faith.

23 July 2009

the set-up

It's been a good few days. I can feel my long lost mojo returning, slowly but surely.

My day job has begun turn a corner, a long awaited and much deserved corner. And, boy, have I needed it - the reminder, the recognition, and the praise because it was beginning to feel that my toils here were unnoticed and unappreciated.

A few out-of-towners are here from my office, so I am going out with them tonight for dinner and away-from-office chat. One of these two women stared at my left hand and then asked if I was single. After "wow, that's from out in far left field," I told yes. Then she asked my age. "34." She finally connects the dots enthusiastically, "I have a friend down here, and he is a very nice man and he's 34 too. I want you to meet him." Aha!

So tonight after dinner, we are going to catch the end of his set. He is a musician but I did not inquire as to full-time musico or hobby. These ladies claim he is good looking and has a master's degree. Only one catch - he doesn't drink. Even though I am not a fish, I do enjoy my cocktails... so trying to keep an open mind on the no booze thing.

We will see...

22 July 2009

the many creepy-crawlies of atx

Stepford is under siege; as if to be subject to a succession of invasions. Upon arriving at Stepford after class last night, I entered the master bath only to almost step on a gecko. I only let out a startled little yelp. Clearly, I am becoming immune to creepy crawlies. Rather than go into my typical melt down, I immediately sprung into action to relocate the critter. However, the clacking of my shoes scared little gecko into hiding behind the toilet.

I went about my evening as I knew he would eventually mobilize. Closing down Stepford for the evening, I notice a scurry in the hallway. It is the gecko! I race to the bedroom to fetch my ingenious gecko relocation device, a tupperware container and piece of paper. All the while, my trusty sidekick is on my heels. With a fluid motion, the gecko is trapped under the container. Wiggling the paper under the container proved to be a bit of a challenge because the little gecko was mighty jumpy. I am positive my trusty sidekick's unwavering gaze on the gecko did not help to alleve it's stress level. Scooting the occupied gecko device across the living room floor, we finally made it to the back door where I did my best to secure the device and tossed the gecko out the door into the warm night air. I did not see where the gecko landed as the pesky motion controlled light in the back yard did not register the movement, but then again it rarely registers motion. I was victorious! Pasty - 1, gecko - 0.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw something scurry in the master bedroom closet. Yes, there were actually two geckos in Stepford. Only one remains. However, this evening, the sole survivor shall be joining his brother outside via the gecko relocation device. Slowly but surely, I am becoming a Texan.

21 July 2009

weather outlook

It appears an invasion is set to occur here at Stepford. You may find yourself thinking What is this girl talking about? An invasion? in Central Texas?

Yes, an invasion, otherwise known as my parents coming to visit. They arrived last November as a complete and utter surprise. This time I have received prior notice. I am happy with the arrival of 2/3 of the parties - my father and my Juju. However, the other third of the equation, the little black rain cloud, my mother is the one I am dreading.

I am not in the mood for the little black rain cloud to position it's negativity over Stepford. Everything is a complaint. Everything is wrong. The damn glass is always half empty and a bit dirty too. I am not in the frame of mind to deal with it. I have already started laying out the boundaries that she will surely ignore, but I have set the stage.

But how do you tell your mother to stay home as only 2/3 of the family equation is welcome. Just like the age old question of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop... the world may never know.

13 July 2009

yet another monday on the sun

Sadly, it is once again a hotter than Hades Monday morning here in the Lone Star state. I am tired. Very tired.

This excessive heat that continually looms in the low 100s is draining. My energy level has gone from low to non-existent. However, Miss Lulu loves it, begging to go out and sun herself every twenty minutes. On many occasions, I have found myself pondering if I should put sunblock on my sparely furred hound girl. Then I think to myself that I am over thinking the dog + intense sun equation.

Along with my energy, my motivation is sorely lacking too. I have so much to catch up on from holiday and simply day-to-day life. I did respond to most of the personal emails that have been desperately waiting for me to pay attention to them. Cue FB interestingness in that my Former BFF found me. Took me a week to put together a half-hearted response to her FB note. Former BFF will have her own dedicated post here shortly as she has entered my radar.

Tonight is class two of the bollywood dance class that I am attempting with Edina and Magda. At least I know that will be good for a few laughs tonight! !

P.S. The Southern Gentleman resurfaced a bit last week. Predictable. Typical. But no excitement here.

07 July 2009

back from r&r

Thrust back into cold, hard reality after my week of Mexico holiday bliss.

The week away was exactly what was very much needed. I am relaxed and tan. Enjoyed days filled with pool and ocean tide. Of course, there were cocktails. Oh, were there cocktails. And fabulous espresso as our resort catered to Italians.

Sad to report, I was not wooed by any hot Italian men. Or Texans, or Mexicans for that matter. It was a resort filled with couples along with a smattering of families and honeymooners. But that was quite alright by me as I ran around in a bikini (working on that good old body image stuff) and didn't gain a pound!

So this little holiday was a winner on all fronts!