28 July 2009

torn: a blonde's tale

It has been awhile since I spoke about my little pup, Juju. The main reason for her absence is because when I think of her, I miss her obnoxious little barky-self. Why? Because she has been at fat camp at her grandparents since March.

My parents and Juju came down here to the sun for a visit. Juju hates Texas; she especially hates summer in Texas, but alas she is down here to get a taste of 105 degree days that are the norm here.

Juju is a fickle blonde and I wasn't entirely sure how she would greet the mother who abandoned her four long months ago. Much to my surprise and delight, Juju was over joyed to see me, running up to me immediately, jumping into my arms, showering me with licks, and wagging her tail so hard that it shook her entire little body.

My little blonde is madly in love with my father. Very often, she is torn between choosing between me or my pops. She has changed some though. Juju has mellowed a lot. I am torn on that as I have always loved her over-the-top spunk while being simultaneously frustrated by it.

Overall, it is wonderful to have Juju around again. I will be sad to watch her leave but I know she is happier with my parents at this time. Until I am settled into a regular life again, she will have to stay with them for the next 8 months.

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