13 July 2009

yet another monday on the sun

Sadly, it is once again a hotter than Hades Monday morning here in the Lone Star state. I am tired. Very tired.

This excessive heat that continually looms in the low 100s is draining. My energy level has gone from low to non-existent. However, Miss Lulu loves it, begging to go out and sun herself every twenty minutes. On many occasions, I have found myself pondering if I should put sunblock on my sparely furred hound girl. Then I think to myself that I am over thinking the dog + intense sun equation.

Along with my energy, my motivation is sorely lacking too. I have so much to catch up on from holiday and simply day-to-day life. I did respond to most of the personal emails that have been desperately waiting for me to pay attention to them. Cue FB interestingness in that my Former BFF found me. Took me a week to put together a half-hearted response to her FB note. Former BFF will have her own dedicated post here shortly as she has entered my radar.

Tonight is class two of the bollywood dance class that I am attempting with Edina and Magda. At least I know that will be good for a few laughs tonight! !

P.S. The Southern Gentleman resurfaced a bit last week. Predictable. Typical. But no excitement here.

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