27 July 2009

the set-up: outcome

Thursday evening.

Much to my surprise, The Musician was handsome. And tall, and polite, and seemed to dig me. His eyes sparkled a bit when he was introduced to me. When the small group of us when to see the band, The Musician did stick around me, even briefly touched me on a few occasions. Of course watching a show is not conducive to any get-to-know-you conversations but he did ask me a few basic questions. He is working hard playing in clubs every night and teaches music during the day.

The weird part is that physically, both in build and appearance, The Musician resembles The Southern Gentleman. Similar but different. That and a few other interesting little tidbits are throwing me for a bit of a loop. I find myself asking "what if....", but not the frustrated what if thoughts that have been plaguing me for some time; these are the positive, I am ready to try, put myself out there again thoughts.

I sent out a little note to my co-worker letting her know it is okay for her to give The Musician my phone number. I know she will work her magic once she is back from holiday. Until then, maybe I'll stumble across one of his shows throughout the Live Music Capital of the World.

This town is small and I have faith.

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