23 July 2009

the set-up

It's been a good few days. I can feel my long lost mojo returning, slowly but surely.

My day job has begun turn a corner, a long awaited and much deserved corner. And, boy, have I needed it - the reminder, the recognition, and the praise because it was beginning to feel that my toils here were unnoticed and unappreciated.

A few out-of-towners are here from my office, so I am going out with them tonight for dinner and away-from-office chat. One of these two women stared at my left hand and then asked if I was single. After "wow, that's from out in far left field," I told yes. Then she asked my age. "34." She finally connects the dots enthusiastically, "I have a friend down here, and he is a very nice man and he's 34 too. I want you to meet him." Aha!

So tonight after dinner, we are going to catch the end of his set. He is a musician but I did not inquire as to full-time musico or hobby. These ladies claim he is good looking and has a master's degree. Only one catch - he doesn't drink. Even though I am not a fish, I do enjoy my cocktails... so trying to keep an open mind on the no booze thing.

We will see...


Fiona said...

Things are sounding very good over there, Patsy :)

Hey, don't worry about the 'no drinking' bit, I was 'dry' for a good many years and we can still have a lot of fun!!

I like the handsome, musical and smart profile - do let us know more, please.


kimba said...

yippee pats.. a live one.. and in your town as well! x