29 April 2009

drama mama


that best sums up the past few days.

What started off on Friday morning as an innocent weekend adventure to H-town turned into my pup girl Lulu being hospitalized and me being left with zero answers.

I dropped off my Lulu at 7 AM on Friday to stay at the boutique vet/kennel that she has stayed at before. I figured if I get to have a fun weekend away to eat my way thru Houston, then Lulu should also enjoy her stay at the doggie spa.

Friday night around 6, I receive a call from the vet. A simple call informing me that Lulu received her kennel cough shot and trying to up sell me on blood work services for senior dogs. The entire point here is that at 6 PM my dog was still healthy. Cue me being annoyed at vet for calling for nonsensical reasons while I am on holiday.

Saturday morning, another call from the vet. This time I am informed that Lulu has a cut on her leg, is limping and the vet would like my permission to start IV fluids on her. The vet tells me this is free because the injury occurred while she was in their care. I think the vet is being overzealous as the previous evening they were concerned over ear wax, so I give my consent. Continue eating and shopping through Houston.

Sunday morning, I was not fast enough to the phone and missed the Lulu update call. I listen to the voice message and grow alarmed when the vet states "possible snake bite." My alarm grows and festers. I finally break down and call the vet office only to find that the office is closed so I call the emergency number. The woman at the emergency hospital is understanding and tracks down one of the vets for me. It is the primary vet, the owner of the hospital - where the snake bite concerns are dismissed.

I see my girl on Sunday evening. It was terrible. Lulu's leg looked horrendous. Raw ground beef. Her leg swollen hugely. She had a wild look in her eyes, did not recognize me, an IV in her leg. She was on massive, massive quantities of pain killers and antibiotics.

The vets state that they do not know what is wrong or what happened. The only story I get is they saw her limping, found a puncture wound, and then it manifested into what I found. Personally, the vets are covering up the incident. The more I press, the less interaction they have with me. I believe with all my heart, it was a venomous snake bite.

My girl is doing better. I should be able to take her home in the next few days. We spend about an hour together every day. I have documented everything with photos. I have asked vets back home to evaluate what they see in the photos and in her medical records. The problem is in the mile high city, snake bites are rare.

As if that wasn't enough keep-me-up-at-night drama, I have to move tomorrow. In one day. By myself. Be out of the old house complete with cleaning and into the new place. tomorrow.

When it rains, it pours. But at least tomorrow will be over before I know it. On to greener pastures.

22 April 2009

movin' on up

i am moving. staying in atx but to a newer home.

give me a BIG AMEN!!

i will be out of the ghetto soon. much sooner than anticipated if i have my ways.

i no longer have to be afraid for my safety with that crappy front door.

the puppies will have a real back yard with real grass... no more big pile of dirt and rocks.

i am over the moon that i will have a professional landlord instead of the dumb bitch who got way too greedy and wanted to gouge me. a word to the wise - never piss off a scorpio.

papers are signed. checks written. i am out of the ghetto.

for the first time, in an extremely long time, i slept like a baby in this dump.

08 April 2009

swimsuit season is looming

Since the surprise invasion visit of my parents, I have gained some weight. Not a whole lot but enough to turn fits/smidge loose to smidge tight.

The drinking and eating out are the cause. I know that. Also lack of regular exercise. But I got a full blown shock when I brought the scale home with me. The numbers tell me that the last 5 pounds I was trying to shake have now upped the ante to 15. ugh.

So back on the wagon with this girl. Buckling down on booze and food like the gestapo. Must commence operation awake before dawn to fit in exercise. Some how I must not become sleep deprived.

Must get back to fighting weight. At a minimum, shake off those 10 lovely pounds that jumped on my ass since the invasion.

I know what I need to do. Now I just need to get myself 100% committed to seeing it thru.

07 April 2009


Ugh! It is only Tuesday and I have already put in 20 hours at work. My day is not over yet and my week has only just begun.

But I have a job. So for that I am grateful.

I have neglected this place because I have been so wonderfully busy. ATX weekends are insane. Good insane.

Cherry was in town this weekend. We caught up on life since she left. It made me miss her all the more. Of course, it also made me realize how hard it is going to be when it is my turn to leave this town.

How did I get so lucky to have such a fabulous group of friends down here?!

Snatched up an ACL Festival ticket today. Can't wait for the lineup to be announced. Holding thumbs that it is a great one!