22 April 2009

movin' on up

i am moving. staying in atx but to a newer home.

give me a BIG AMEN!!

i will be out of the ghetto soon. much sooner than anticipated if i have my ways.

i no longer have to be afraid for my safety with that crappy front door.

the puppies will have a real back yard with real grass... no more big pile of dirt and rocks.

i am over the moon that i will have a professional landlord instead of the dumb bitch who got way too greedy and wanted to gouge me. a word to the wise - never piss off a scorpio.

papers are signed. checks written. i am out of the ghetto.

for the first time, in an extremely long time, i slept like a baby in this dump.


Fiona said...

AMEN!!!! and amen about never pissing of scorpios ;)

Wishing you and your gals a wonderful new home filled with happiness and playtime - for all of you :)



sulkygirl said...

shivers.. I never knew you were living in the ghetto.. thought you loved it where you were..

but yes

amen to a new place where the pups can run free!

(My pup ran free about a half hour ago.. 20 minutes of frantic searching.. then back to get the car.. 5 minutes of driving.. and then a swing by the house to see that some good neighbour had found the pup and locked him in my front yard..
I don't reckon he is that bright, but, I was on the phone to a kennel about an hour and a half ago about his accommodation over the weekend.. I think he clued in and seized his opportunity!)

thecoconutdiaries said...

Sounds like a Housewarming Party is in my future!