24 November 2009

insights from the universe

One day it will all be a distant memory, Pats, yet I can tell you now, with the supreme confidence of someone who's gone ahead in time to know, that you'll look back on this life and be so flush with love and admiration for yourself, your journey, and who it made you, that you'll wonder, as I do now, how it could possibly have escaped you then.

Maybe this will help.

Your greater-self,
The Universe

13 November 2009

Day 13: Friday Looking Forward

Tomorrow I am having lunch with a work colleague. I rarely socialize with fellow worker bees. I have drawn a very clear black line between work-Patsy and rest-of-waking-hours-Patsy.

On top of this, it is a male colleague. Cue huge red def-con five lights as any situation like this tends to be a big no-no in my books. However, I agreed to meet him.

He is flying down here as he is a pilot. As if to be the one flying the plane down here himself. Yeah. We are going to have lunch and then he is going to take me flying. How crazy is that?!

Sure he is older than me - probably by a lot more than I'd like to imagine; but it is an innocent afternoon. And I get to go flying in some level of crop-duster!

Maybe I should bring the baby bottles of airline booze with me so I can channel my inner air hostess?

12 November 2009

Day 12: Remembering

Prior to heading out on holiday, you might remember a post about The Queen and her terminal diagnosis. I had planned to head out to see her once I returned. However, similar to her and my traveling companion, Helen last year, The Queen died while I was away.

Of course, I was told while in Amman and felt very helpless. The Queen and Helen spoke so highly of Egypt and Jordan and I thought of their stories often throughout. So in that respect, the many stories they shared with me will always be with me as I travel.

I had so looked forward to talking about my holiday with The Queen upon my return; comparing notes and stories. These two very special old ladies left me way too soon.

11 November 2009

Day 11: Resurrection

Last week The Southern Gentleman began attempting a resurrection. It started with a phone call on Thursday evening. As Alexander and I were en route to dinner, I did not answer my mobile.

On Saturday evening at 8:02 PM, I received the following text message from him: "What z up in Austin 2nite?"

To which I replied at 8:34 PM: "In a hot dress celebrating my bday waiting for the spazmatics to start playing."

Then at 8:43 PM he followed up with this: "Sounds like the beginning of a rockin bday time! Wish I was there 2 celebr8 n enjoy ur sexiness. Drink water every other beverage. B safe n enjoy the 80s tunes!"

Upon my resulting silence as I was too busy having fun, The Southern Gentleman proceeded to call me at 10:42 PM.

A man on a mission, he called again on Sunday afternoon. Alexander and I were watching a movie, so The Southern Gentleman spent more quality time with my voicemail.

On Monday night, I decided to return his call. For a man who has explained to me on several occasions that a) he will only call someone - be it friend, girlfriend, total stranger - only once; if the person does not return his call, he will not continue calling and b) he does not like talking on the phone.

Let's do the math, shall we? He called me 3 times and only after 3 times over 5 days did I return his call. Our phone call went for 1 hour 15 minutes and I was the one who tried to several times and ultimately did end the phone call. The Southern Gentleman asked a lot of questions and was genuinely interested. Highlights of our conversation included:

TSG: I didn't remember it was your birthday, but that must have been why I felt such a strong urge to call you.

TSG: I should have started my business in the mid-90s.
Patsy: But then you would have never met me, Just think of how sad and boring your life would be without me in it.
TSG: You do have a point there.

TSG: Spring would be a wonderful time for me to make a trip to Austin. I was there about this time last year, right?
Patsy: Not really. You arrived the day after Christmas.
TSG: Wow, I sure got you a nice Christmas present last year then.
Patsy: You never heard any complaints from me.

After more than an hour, I finally ended our conversation. My heart isn't in it any more; it hasn't been for awhile. His eagerness is only momentary. Maybe he is in between girls right now, so thoughts of me bubble to surface. Maybe it is something else. It doesn't matter though because I don't have time for The Southern Gentleman's reindeer games.

10 November 2009

Day 10: Excitement of a Different Variety

Work hasn't been inspiring in awhile. Today, in my new role, I received a fabulous complement on my capabilities from an extremely difficult customer. I was shocked when this came out in a public forum. It was flattering yet embarrassing at the same time. I have felt for a long time that what I consider "doing my job" may very well be more than what most others do.

I have never been good as 'blowing my own horn'. I have never been a brown-noser or felt the need to scream my accomplishments from the roof tops. Maybe I am more than I give myself credit for.

09 November 2009

Day 9: Exhausted

Luckily today was a slow day. Alexander's planes were on time. I enjoyed a relatively nice day of work, with the exception of the package fiasco - but I will deal with that frustration tomorrow.

I had dreamed of coming home and taking a nap.

That dream was not fulfilled.

Instead I become very obsessed with labeling my holiday photos. I returned the many calls from The Southern Gentleman. For a man who claims not to like talking on the phone, I finally put a fork in our call when it hit the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

Ah! The tales of the resurgence of the terrible two-some.... The Southern Gentleman and Montana Man.

Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to the many phone calls, I received a birthday card from Montana Man.

Why me?!

Tale to continue in depth tomorrow as right now it is bed time!

08 November 2009

Day 8: Hello 35

Today I am officially 35.

What a wonderful birthday! Last night was soooo much fun! The wine was wonderful and I enjoyed good buzz. No hangover this morning *punching the air*

The music venue was jam-packed; however, we enjoyed the private VIP balcony compliments of another gal named Patsy. It was so fantastic to be surrounded by all my friends; that one aspect alone made this birthday so memorable. I loved that I couldn't take the smile off my face!

This morning Alexander and I met up with some buddies for bunch. Now the rain is on the scene. I have opened my bottle of bubbles and cannot think of a better way to savor this day!

07 November 2009

Day 7: Winos Unite

Woo hoo!! Birthday fun commences in a few short hours. Super huge wine tasting! Apps! The Spazmatics! Fabulous friends!

I cannot wait!

Having a super hair day! Informed Alexander that he must channel his inner Tim Gunn so we can decide which fabulous dress I am going to wear tonight. Was hoping to do costume changes throughout the night but logistics are working against me. Oh well!

T-minus 2 hours and counting until the boozing commences!

06 November 2009

Day 6: TGIF

Trying to focus my thoughts on work as opposed to about the impending weekend fun.

Tonight we will be off to the after hours museum cocktail shindig. Going to be brave and wear a cute little black mini dress with my pretty peacock shoes.

Alexander has been catching up on his sleep. Lulu is loving him to pieces; in fact, she is being a pushy pest. Luckily she is cute and sweet, which makes it easier to digest.

05 November 2009

Day 5: Arrivals

Alexander has arrived for the weekend!

I am so thrilled he made it out here to spend my birthday with me. The fact that he came out here for me is the best present I could receive.

Funny to think that someone I met on a two week bus trip when I was 17 continues to be an important facet in my life as I turn 35.

Our lives have taken us in different directions but we have never lost each other.

04 November 2009

Day 4: Motivation

Being under-the-weather and fresh off the holiday high, my motivation has been lacking.


03 November 2009

Day 3: NaBloPoMo

The battle with the germs continues. I will say it does appear the battle has taken a turn in my favor as the mucus troop seems to have slowed their pursuit. Physical exhaustion continues as here it prime evening hours and I am millimeters from going to bed. So tired as I cannot draw myself a hot bath.

Continuing to give in to the urge to sleep and birthday week festivities kick off tomorrow evening. Must be in party mode! Especially for the one day a year that is all about me!

Bed. Necessary. Now.


02 November 2009

Day 2: NaBloPoMo

The Computer Geek is officially out of my life. Whew!

Now give me an amen!

Prior to my leaving on holiday, I knew I was done with him as he emanated the gigantic red flashing psycho light. I did not say anything before I left because I was afraid of any repercussions during my extended absence. Since coming home, he really hasn't been on my radar until Friday when he finally sent me an email.

During my at-home mucus party, I thought about how to end things peacefully without turning him stalker in between my marathon naps. (Read: little effort). My lack of care ended in The Computer Geek deleting the welcome home note he posted on FB as well as removing me from his friend list.

It was too easy. Needless to say I am happy as the dating karma gods will not punish me for being too honest.

01 November 2009

Day 1: NaBloPoMo


The first day of November is upon us.

How am I spending it?

Sick. On the couch. Sleeping too much.

Did I go to the fun Halloween party?

No. I slept. Coughed. Sneezed.

Being sick sucks. But I have to be well and ready for fun next weekend.