13 November 2009

Day 13: Friday Looking Forward

Tomorrow I am having lunch with a work colleague. I rarely socialize with fellow worker bees. I have drawn a very clear black line between work-Patsy and rest-of-waking-hours-Patsy.

On top of this, it is a male colleague. Cue huge red def-con five lights as any situation like this tends to be a big no-no in my books. However, I agreed to meet him.

He is flying down here as he is a pilot. As if to be the one flying the plane down here himself. Yeah. We are going to have lunch and then he is going to take me flying. How crazy is that?!

Sure he is older than me - probably by a lot more than I'd like to imagine; but it is an innocent afternoon. And I get to go flying in some level of crop-duster!

Maybe I should bring the baby bottles of airline booze with me so I can channel my inner air hostess?

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