02 November 2009

Day 2: NaBloPoMo

The Computer Geek is officially out of my life. Whew!

Now give me an amen!

Prior to my leaving on holiday, I knew I was done with him as he emanated the gigantic red flashing psycho light. I did not say anything before I left because I was afraid of any repercussions during my extended absence. Since coming home, he really hasn't been on my radar until Friday when he finally sent me an email.

During my at-home mucus party, I thought about how to end things peacefully without turning him stalker in between my marathon naps. (Read: little effort). My lack of care ended in The Computer Geek deleting the welcome home note he posted on FB as well as removing me from his friend list.

It was too easy. Needless to say I am happy as the dating karma gods will not punish me for being too honest.


Fiona said...


But how silly to delete a welcome home message....men can be such children sometimes.

Onward to better men my dear!

Take care

and a big WELCOME HOME to you ;)


patsy said...

Thanks, Fi!

So happy to hear your furry babies are finally home with you!!

Men are strange creatures, aren't they?!