11 November 2009

Day 11: Resurrection

Last week The Southern Gentleman began attempting a resurrection. It started with a phone call on Thursday evening. As Alexander and I were en route to dinner, I did not answer my mobile.

On Saturday evening at 8:02 PM, I received the following text message from him: "What z up in Austin 2nite?"

To which I replied at 8:34 PM: "In a hot dress celebrating my bday waiting for the spazmatics to start playing."

Then at 8:43 PM he followed up with this: "Sounds like the beginning of a rockin bday time! Wish I was there 2 celebr8 n enjoy ur sexiness. Drink water every other beverage. B safe n enjoy the 80s tunes!"

Upon my resulting silence as I was too busy having fun, The Southern Gentleman proceeded to call me at 10:42 PM.

A man on a mission, he called again on Sunday afternoon. Alexander and I were watching a movie, so The Southern Gentleman spent more quality time with my voicemail.

On Monday night, I decided to return his call. For a man who has explained to me on several occasions that a) he will only call someone - be it friend, girlfriend, total stranger - only once; if the person does not return his call, he will not continue calling and b) he does not like talking on the phone.

Let's do the math, shall we? He called me 3 times and only after 3 times over 5 days did I return his call. Our phone call went for 1 hour 15 minutes and I was the one who tried to several times and ultimately did end the phone call. The Southern Gentleman asked a lot of questions and was genuinely interested. Highlights of our conversation included:

TSG: I didn't remember it was your birthday, but that must have been why I felt such a strong urge to call you.

TSG: I should have started my business in the mid-90s.
Patsy: But then you would have never met me, Just think of how sad and boring your life would be without me in it.
TSG: You do have a point there.

TSG: Spring would be a wonderful time for me to make a trip to Austin. I was there about this time last year, right?
Patsy: Not really. You arrived the day after Christmas.
TSG: Wow, I sure got you a nice Christmas present last year then.
Patsy: You never heard any complaints from me.

After more than an hour, I finally ended our conversation. My heart isn't in it any more; it hasn't been for awhile. His eagerness is only momentary. Maybe he is in between girls right now, so thoughts of me bubble to surface. Maybe it is something else. It doesn't matter though because I don't have time for The Southern Gentleman's reindeer games.

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