25 April 2010

tonight, tonight

Once again, it is Sunday evening and Super Dad is winging his way into town. It is different this time though, he called before he boarded the plane to secure tonight's location.

It is also different because this is Super Dad's last official trip to the Big ATX for this account. We are booked every night this week having dinner with various groups of people. Tonight is our only 'alone' night. I think suspicion may very well start to swirl this week. Oh well. Speculation is exactly that - speculation.

Super Dad booked my mini-break flight on Monday. The same day when the Southern Gentleman booked his flight for Austin. Yes, you see, a week ago today, the Southern Gentleman awoke from his flowery sleep and called me inquiring about making a visit in May. I am so over the man. Same tape over and over and over and over and over again. This is a platonic trip. A trip to keep his American Airline miles active. A little r and r holiday for him. It is all for him and none for me - validating everything I have been feeling for quite some time.

But back to Super Dad, I am super excited about my upcoming weekend sneak away. He is too as I constantly hear stories of who he has told about my impending holiday. I honestly believe that 3/4 of Atlanta knows I am coming to town. What to pack has caused me some terror as I think I need to over pack in order to be ready for the absolutely anything and everything that will be thrown my way - fancy dress-up to boat slacker.

I have selected my outfit for tonight - black, simple, chic with knock out accessories. Now to get dressed and made up. I plan on having a fabulous time.

Good night, my darlings!

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Fiona said...

Bopping around with excitement for you, Patsy...

Awaiting your next instalment, eagerly :)