13 April 2010


some days i wonder if i make up all these crazy ideas.

i think i take things too personally sometimes.

i tried my hardest not to be cool to super dad yesterday but i was miffed about sunday night and work getting in the way. i still know i was a bit chilly.

then i start to doubt my entire take on the situation. one of my greatest faults is my binary nature - i am a light switch - i am either on or off - shades of gray can be hard to find in certain aspects of my life, my interpretation of a situation.

however, last night super dad and i had dinner with a co-worker and his wife. then today super dad was flirty again. tonight we had dinner together.

he prefaces his conversations with giggles and winks of jest but he talks about our 'dates' and pretending that there is something going on with us in front of our co-workers. i thought that it was in jest but at the same time i wonder if it is wishful thinking - i teeter-totter between the two scenarios - not knowing which to believe. my insecurity creeps to the forefront.

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Fiona said...

I'm going to go with wishful thinking :)