02 April 2010

because you asked

Fiona asked an important question:

"Whatever happened to Bolt in the end, I think last I heard he'd disappointed you by not turning up?"

After the consecutive weekend adventures with Bolt, when left to his own devices, he never demonstrated any initiative. Not a single phone call or email.

The last straw was upon returning to Austin from my angel of death mission, I sent Bolt a sweet little birthday text message. Any sort of acknowledgement from Bolt? Nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. A week later Bolt resurrects responding with a text of thanks for the birthday wishes. It only elicited disgust as I tossed the phone to Edina for her intake. At that point, Endina told me that earlier Homey had sent Bolt a message about our evening cocktail plans to which Bolt replied he had plans to catch a movie. And with that, Bolt was off my books.

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Bolt has a lot to learn about chasing and being chased...it's never all one way.

Even as kids we took turns hiding and seeking ;)