10 April 2010


I survived another week. Sadly, my evenings haven't been fun like they used to be; these days, I pass out in front of the television with a glass (or two, or three) of vino. I am hoping that with summer rapidly approaching and truly believing the life-sucking vampire project making great strides, I will be able to restore balance in my life. Because I certainly do miss it, kids.

Smack dab in the middle of the week, Super Dad half whispered into the phone, "Want to meet for a drink after I get in on Sunday night again?" My yes was immediate, instantaneous, excited. Plans are progressing for my visit. Honestly, I am super excited for Sunday night and even more excited for the mini-holiday. I also find myself sad that his days as my partner in crime will be ending soon. Proximity is everything.

Edina is being very supportive; whereas, Shelley was hands down opposed to my even entertaining the thought.

But I am done with labels. I am tired of the 'shoulds', the rules, the expectations set by someone who has never walked in my high heeled shoes. My life is anything but 'normal'. I possess all the creature comforts - a home, a car, a job - but compared to everyone else in my age bracket, I am not married with kids, my picket fence is painted red, I continue to be hungry, I am ok with being alone, don't need someone else to define me. I am a nomad - my gypsy roots still tug at my heart - feeding that wanderlust and adventure that circulates through me, that is as vital to me as blood and oxygen. My life doesn't fit nicely into a little blue box, but I have never liked confined spaces. The chances, the consequences of this tryst are no different than those of the Leech, Montana Man, The Southern Gentleman, or any of the other ghosts of christmas past. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Jumping in, wholeheartedly, just as I do with everything else. No regrets.

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thecoconutdiaries said...

You are fearless, lady. And if anyone can make a flawless leap in high heels, it's you!