16 April 2010

as the world turns

Whirl wind. Insanity. Disbelief.

Since Wednesday afternoon, my world has completely been upended.

On Wednesday, Super Dad and I went to a meeting that is typically internal only but due to the focus topic, the life-sucking vampire project, we were there along with the big dog customer. At this meeting I received accolades from both my management and the customer because I am successfully completing the life-sucking vampire project, where everyone before me has failed - I was floored. Completely. Utterly. Floored. To have that said - who said it - in front of the audience. I still don't quite believe it.

As Super Dad and I drove to the meeting together, he was convinced that some of our co-workers are growing suspicious of our togetherness. I disagreed with him. We stopped at Bux before heading back to the grind and sat outside to enjoy our caffeine loaded delights. It was here that he shared that once his son is out of high school, he wants to living full throttle again; however, the women that he meets that are his age aren't into go-go-go and that is why he believes he needs to be with a younger woman. Cue Patsy and all her stories about her adventures down here. Then he made some comment about me being the next Mrs. Super Dad. I told him emphatically that I will not change my last name. I am Patsy Wanderlust. And no, Patsy Wanderlust-Super Dad will not fly either. He told me he could live with that - at the end of the day, all that really mattered would be that we were together and I wore his ring. Alrighty then.

Then Wednesday night, we headed to a restaurant on the lake. Sunset at the end of the dock bar, sipping cocktails and talking. Super Dad inquired as to when my last relationship was - he quantified by stating not serial dating, but a true relationship. I had to think about it - and the answer was Montana Man. Wow - that feels like eons ago now. Super Dad has really watched me because some of the observations he shared surprised me. We called it a night and he walked me to my car. Imagine my surprise when Super Dad took my face in his hands and kissed me right there in the parking lot. I wasn't expecting it. And let me tell you, my darlings, I have not been kissed like that in a very, very long time. Wowzers.

So yesterday (Thursday), we both had a bit of giddiness bubbling under the surface. Then we get an invitation to be interviewed about the success of the life-sucking vampire project to be featured for the entire company. Again, I am floored. I cannot believe it still.

Then, Thursday evening was our life-sucking vampire team dinner/Super Dad's going away dinner. Super Dad has extended his stay a few more weeks to help me finish the life-sucking vampire. I am super excited about that. Any way, dinner was fabulous fun and I do love my team. After the group disbursed, I was headed home when Super Dad called. We decided to have a debrief cocktail. In this, I missed my exit and was turning around when he asked me out on a date. I inquired as to how this was any different from the rest of our dates and he stated it wouldn't be an after work, we're exhausted like usual thing. I joked that I have a tough boss who works me 7 days a week. He joked back that he'd see what he could do. It was a fun conversation.

So we went for a cocktail. The bar was packed but we got a corner of a table outside. Super Dad asked what I thought when he kissed me the previous evening. I told him, honestly, part of me was surprised and the other half wasn't. He was beyond delightful - it is great to have my cheeks hurting from so much smiling and laughing. He is very sweet, kind, and considerate. He walked me to my car. We hugged. He took my hands in his and just looked at me, drank me in, then he kissed me good night.

We saw each other a bit this morning at the office. Super Dad called as I was en route to the office and he was running late. The reason for his call - to get my coffee order as he was picking up our coffee on his way in. He had to leave for the airport and I had to leave for a meeting, so we really didn't say good bye. I did call him after my meeting was done though. He was giggly asking me if I could fit into his suitcase so he could take me home with him.

And with this turn of events, my wondering, my insecurities are washed away.

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