06 May 2010

living on borrowed time

Super Dad arrived on Tuesday afternoon. He left this morning. A few days. But a few days that were ever so enjoyable. A few days that make me realize how very much I am going to miss him when our trips and time together are not so predictable. However, in one of his many phone calls to me since he returned home today, Super Dad did tell me that we'd travel between our two cities and our time together would be all about quality.

On Tuesday when I first saw Super Dad on his arrival, we were on opposite sides of a hallway. If only, I could have run to him, without abandon, I would have. But alas, I could not. I was surprised at my immediate, unconscious reaction when I saw him. After our long day at the office, we each made our way to our favorite bartender. We spent the evening sipping cocktails and enjoying life.

Wednesday was a terribly painful day and both of us were fried at the end of it. A final work dinner for us to play it low key; however, two of our dinner mates are definitely suspicious of Super Dad and me. In fact, I believe one has figured it out. Both nights he came over afterwards. No hijinks or shenanigans. Lulu loves Super Dad to pieces. He started calling himself her daddy. I corrected him and said that uncle was good enough for now.

I cannot believe that a week from today, I will be with him in his hometown. I continue to be amazed at how much fun Super Dad and I have together. I don't see our age difference, I simply look forward to hearing his voice, to seeing his eyes. My initial society imposed reservations have retreated. I am excited.

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