11 April 2012

pins and needles

My third and final interview was two weeks ago Thursday. Since then, I have not heard a single word from nouveau company. Last Friday, I placed a call to them which has gone unanswered. Today, I gave up and sent an email inquiring if they are still interested. I am so tired of not knowing a single thing. Being kept in the dark may be good for mushrooms, but it is starting to break me.

We'll see what I hear back. The third interview did not go well as the interviewer took the conversation to unusual places. Overall, it was a stark contrast to the previous two. I know I am letting my doubt take over because honestly, they'd be silly not to want me. I have been patient long enough, so today I went with action.

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Fiona said...

Good for you!

As someone who hires for my company, I am amazed at conversations I've had with people who have gone through the 'odd questions' type of interview. There are too many 'a la mode' style interviews and I don't buy into them.

It's also EXTREMELY rude not to keep people updated on the process as silence makes good candidates go elsewhere!

I shall keep my fingers crossed for you Patsy :)