14 March 2008


Hot off the presses from CheddarX:

Name 5 things you are looking forward to
1. The Southern Gentleman’s upcoming visit (T-minus 12 days! 12!)
2. The Bluebonnets blooming in abundance
3. The day when The Southern Gentleman and I are an official item
4. Obtaining my job certification (but I have to finish the paperwork first…)
5. Embarking on a new chapter in my life

Name 4 things you wish you could do again
1. My 33rd birthday weekend – it was fabulous
2. Instead of going along with ex-leech to the frozen tundra, insisted we went to my adopted uncle’s memorial
3. Made a trip to see Goofy Buddy before he died
4. The Montevideo holiday... heavenly sangria and juicy red meat... yum!

Name 3 experiences you wish you could share with your SO
1. The heart filling joy coming home to my dogs gives me, daily
2. An understanding of how truly happy hearing his voice makes me
3. Several of my past world travel adventures

Name 2 things you wish you hadn't said
1. My Christmas work-related meltdown
2. Telling Montana Man about The Southern Gentleman’s first visit

Name 1 thing that keeps you from going completely insane
1. Knowing that tomorrow will be better with the help of my pal, the vodka martini

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