19 March 2008

a week from today...

the southern gentleman arrives.

i am full of emotions. excitement. giddiness. anticipation. nervousness. eager. scared. disbelief that is laced with joy. full-on pms does not help any of this either.

facing the reality that my world is truly changing, evolving. ready to let him in; ready to jump off that cliff, unsure of what lays waiting for me below but knowing deep within my being that this jump will end with a safe landing.

finding myself surprised at the level of belief i have, the faith, the knowing. have never been an 'all chips on one red square' kind-of girl. but in this situation, i wholeheartedly am.

the high level itinerary is assembled. the easter basket should arrive today. he is off for a brief holiday tomorrow as am i.

and a week from today, fireworks will go off when he arrives at SxSWland...

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