04 March 2008

Christmas arrived on Monday

Our dear Southern Gentleman arrived back in the country on Friday. Jet lagged or not, he called me on Sunday. We spoke at great length. He mentioned coming down here, most likely in April. For once in my life, I opened my mouth and clearly stated "I cannot wait until April to see you."

The result? He bought his ticket yesterday. The Southern Gentleman is arriving in 21 days. If I weren't in the office, I would have screamed with excitement!

Last time I was excited and scared. This time I am simply excited. He is not leaving without both of us having a clear direction. This is the beginning of something great and he has to know that I am out there on the plank with him.

I've already decided what I am going to wear when I fetch him at the airport. The other Steve Madden is coming out of the closet. Along with my new black patent leather heels.

Thrilled! Need to figure out our high level itinerary! Definitely, his bottle of favorite booze will be chilling in the frig!


kimba said...

awesome.. :)
are you going to tell him about the clairvoyant?

Patsy said...

Don't think I am going to tell him, love. However, on his last holiday, he told me about the overseas clairvoyant he saw... he was scant on "future" details - I think I will ask him this time