26 February 2008

Off the grid

I have been off the grid due to moving. Yup, pulled a Beverly Hillbillies, loaded up the car and headed southeast. The pups were splendid on the drive. Did one long push. Arrived in one piece and we are currently settled.

Life is grand because I have my girls with me again. Somehow we will make our way through fleas and ticks alive. But they are here with me. A huge weight has been lifted.

More later... ta-ta for now :)


Colleen said...

oh, oh, does that mean you're in SXSW?? yay! i'm there in 7 days. yu'll have to come to my bday party! :D

Patsy said...

Yup, an official SXSWland girl now! Bday party ~ I am so there! Cannot wait!!!