14 February 2008

intuition finally coming through

It has been a crazy few days around here. I have been busy with work (as usual), busy packing up my little apartment and moving my junk in paper bags thrown into the car trunk (amazed by how much crap I've accumulated in 8 months), and all the while floating on Cloud 9.

Yes, The Southern Gentleman is back on the scene. Oh man alive is he back! Even though he is on a trip on the other side of the world, The Southern Gentleman is being bolder that I could have ever imagined. I am beyond happy!

Once he returns to the States, he is coming down here for another visit. I cannot wait. Must kick diet into high gear, Patsy darling! The pups finally meet him too. Somehow those two can wag their tails into the hearts of even the most non-animal friendly humans. I cannot wait to look into those eyes again - have those eyes looking into mine - oh am I ready to melt!

I am working through the possible scenarios as to avoid my classical freezing when he (or any male for that matter) gets around to the 64,000 Dollar Questions. I need to be ready to answer those hard hitting inquires, especially for The Southern Gentleman. I am working toward being vulnerable (as sharing my true feelings has always been the ultimate vulnerability for me).

My intuition told me that his trip would affect his perspective, coupled with his birthday (as he has openly shared that his biological clock is ticking and loudly too). The Southern Gentleman is only through half of his holiday and I can see the change happening already. Way to go, intuition!

What a nice change of pace! It is about damn time :-)

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Brighton said...

Yay! That sounds fantastic : )