04 February 2008

Leap of Faith

It is nearing a year that I started making my pilgrimage down to SxSWland. A housing option dropped into my lap. A wonderful option. Complete with a yard. Which means dogs can be with me instead of behind bars.

Even though it is only temporary, loading the dogs in the car and driving south feels a tiny bit scary. While my life has been uprooted this past year, this somehow feels monumental compared to my monthly jaunts between the two cities. Simultaneously exciting and scary.

I remind myself that my life down there will not change besides having to put the girls out and take care of a yard again. If anything, my life will be enhanced down there because my pups are with me. When I have a bad day at work, I can once again take joy in coming home to their unconditional love. This only makes SxSWland home more than ever.

Since the past spring, I have felt deep within my being SxSWland is home, where I belong - so why the touch of fear? Maybe because I like to have things laid out with all the t's crossed and i's dotted and the situation is not that clear. My control issues bubbling to the surface? I think so because I am still teetering in the land of uncertainty on numerous levels that span the gammet personally and professionally.

This will be a good change, temporary or not; it is a change that will certainly play an important, shaping role in my life journey.

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Colleen said...

hey there - i think that we're coming down. all we have booked at the moment is the hotel, but nothing's paid. getting cash in tho, so expecting that all will be well! will you be there? or around?