29 June 2011

lost and found

I sit here amazed that half of 2011 is over. Simultaneously amazed and disappointed because I don't feel like I have done much thus far.

I feel like I have lost a lot of my mojo in the following ways:
  • Work is tiring; tiring because it feels as though I cannot get anything accomplished. 
  • I completely changed my eating - went clean and lost the stubborn bad marriage weight once and for all. Amen. 
  • However, in this eating/lifestyle revolution, I had to isolate myself and have not felt much like rejoining society. 
  • I am over Austin for the most part; living in limbo has finally gotten to me.
  • Super Dad and I remain in this haphazard long distance telephone conversation relationship. No path forward is visible.
  • I decided to try dating again. At least making myself receptive to the concept. 
  • The online dating world is very depressing. But I halfheartedly try since Prince Charming has not knocked on my front door yet.
Maybe rediscovering this little corner of universe will help my mojo search and recovery mission.


Whiskeymarie said...

As someone who is also sort of "rediscoveering" the blog world again, I say, hey!

Congrats on the weight loss- I'm currently trying to lose a few myself. It really is boring, isn't it? All this clean living and stuff? I'm sure it will be worth it, but...boring.

patsy said...

Whiskey! Clean living is terribly dull but, on the upside, I am now a cheap date as 2 glass of wine gets me giddy and I bought size 4 pants!