12 December 2011

week four

Today marks four weeks since Lulu left. I am amazed at how quickly time is marching forward and how much I want time to reverse... back to the days of...
  • Lulu waking me up at 3:30 AM to go to the bathroom
  • going on our runs
  • putting herself to bed but coming out to check on me, asking me but more often than not demanding I come to bed too
  • tossing her stuffed animals down the cement floor so she could run and slide to fetch them; she loved sliding across the floor
  • bringing home restaurant treats such as french fries, tortilla chips, and rice that I would order specifically for Lulu
  • tucking her into bed each night
  • reassuring her I will be home by 5 PM
  • our daily hug-a-hound moments
  • watching her frolic in the yard
  • seeing the wonder in her eyes
  • feeling her deep love for me oozing out of her every pore
During our last months together, Lulu and I would watch the Friday night webcasts of Oprah's LifeClass. On Fridays, the topic was always "Joy Rising". It should not come as a surprise that Lulu was my joy rising. Knowing that, this week is going to be especially difficult because not only is it a month since my Lu left, Thursday is her 10th birthday.


Fiona said...

"Joy Rising", how I love that! I totally understand the love oozing out of her every por bit, it's like they want to envelope you in their love.

I can't believe it's already been four weeks....wow.

How your heart must be aching, Patsy.

A hug from me and from Loo


patsy said...

thx, fi. i keep trying to focus on the joy and not the emptiness.


p.s. lots of kisses to Loo