23 April 2007

hoping for empathy

i have been working my ass off... i only wish the pounds would be disappearing too. the every other week travel is kicking me around. then the obligations on the home front. trying to keep balance has not been easy.

i hope things on a personal front do not fall apart. a regular, rather aggressive traveling schedule is difficult for a person who has never done such travel himself to understand. until you have walked in my shoes, how can one understand?

i hardly heard from harry last week, which concerns me. i don't think he understands. and what he does believe from his experience is so not me - - he saw this before in the form of a workaholic, which i am so very not. there is a difference between a workaholic and doing what is expected of you. there is a line and i have not crossed to the workaholic side. just because i am surrounded by workaholics does not mean i am one. i don't enjoy the long hours and all that is entailed some days. a comment from harry last night got me feeling a need to clarify that.

wonder if i will see harry tonight. honestly i am not entirely sure right now... i know i have been a little standoffish since i got home on friday night. i have to work through that, probably need to acknowledge it... i have just been really tired...

more tomorrow...

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