07 May 2009

hound dog

Lulu is doing much better.

I took her home last Friday. She continues eat copious amounts of antibiotics, but she is healing quite nicely. Of course, Lulu is not fond of her floatation device (in lieu of a traditional cone) but I remain highly amused with it.

Here's a snap so you can join in my amusement!


Fiona said...

First of all I'm SO glad Lulu is doing well. Second of all....bwaaaaahahahahahaha at the flotation device, I've never seen one of those only those damn cones. But it does look more comfy than a cone, maybe?

Get 100% better soon Lulu so your mum can take off that over-the-top necklace she's got you wearing ;)


kimba said...

poor darling.. hee hee.. glad she is on the mend..

(hope she doesn't mind but I have set her pic as my desktop image.. makes me smile..)

Anonymous said...

Your dog is accesorized! But don't tell her it makes her butt look fat or she may poop in your shoe.