08 May 2009

an anniversary of sorts

May 8, 2000.

It was nine years ago today that we first met, The Southern Gentleman and I.

Nine years ago today that we were partnered up in a conference room in the Carolinas.

The attraction was instant and has continued to remain smoldering just under the surface.

Star-crossed lovers.

Fast forward to May 8, 2009.

Nine years and nothing has changed.

I take that back, what has changed is me.

I can see past the attraction; the things I was enraptured with when I was 25. I see that The Southern Gentleman is not going to put one foot in front of the other. He is only continuing to side step, which does not lead to progress.

It makes me a bit sad because together we did make a good team.

But I am also happy that on today, May 8th, exactly 6 months away from my 35th birthday, I do have the clarity to see The Southern Gentleman and I for precisely what we are and what we'll never be. For that, I am grateful.


Fiona said...

Wow, Patsy, nine years is a very long time.

I'm glad you're seeing the need to look beyond, into the future. There's someone out there who will one day say to you - where have you been all these years, I've been waiting for you ;)



kimba said...

Pats.. have you ever just come out and SAID something to him?

Anonymous said...

I know I should concentrate on the boy, but I am really more interested in your big birthday celebration. What you got planned? Do I need to start saving money for it now??