08 June 2009

bullet point quickie

Adventure Weekend Summary in no particular order.....

  • Laughed a wicked lot, when I met up with some local bloggers. Of course, Coco and I first knew each other in reality. However, Thursday night, I met Tied Up With A Black Velvet Band and I Pick Pretty. Enjoyed many a cocktail and am looking forward to our next adventure.
  • Met a fairly good looking man at a big wine tasting. However, the planets did not align completely because he does not have my phone number.
  • Lawn mowing in Texas sucks the big one. However, I am thinking that a Patsy-propelled mower combined with intense heat and humidity will ensure a wee bit of weight loss.
  • Made reservations for a week holiday in Mexico. Bring on the swine flu because I would love the express train to weight loss.
  • Can you tell I am very eager for this last 7 pounds to be gone?!
  • The Southern Gentleman called on Saturday. Said phone was timed at 1 hour, 17 minutes. This marathon call from a man who claims to hate speaking on the phone. Keep in mind he was the primary talker in the conversation.
  • The Southern Gentleman stated that he has "neglected several important things in his life as of late in trying to the business started." I think that was his attempt at an apology as he also stated that in a email. Old Patsy would have been happy with this. However, New World Order Patsy feels the old adage "too little, too late" applies perfectly.
  • Had the girls over to Stepford for the first time. There is nothing more that I love than a house full of friends and laughter. It truly makes my heart sing!
  • Montana Man asked me to do some editing for him on Friday. I didn't even look at until Sunday night. Furthermore, did not pour too much energy into it when I did correct it. I am done with it all.
  • Ready for a cleaner slate and fresh start.
  • Capped off the weekend perfectly with some champagne on Sunday evening. Everything is better with bubbles!

Have a sparkling week, my darlings!


TUWABVB said...

Champagne on Sunday? That is BRILLIANT! What a great way to deny the beginning of a week. I certainly need to implement this. I had a great time meeting you as well - can't wait for the next evening out!

Anonymous said...

To little too late, indeed. That boy missed his train to Georgia. (woo-hoo!). I'm sad that I missed the gals on Sunday, so we gotta cocktail before you head off to Swine Flu City