06 August 2009

a hypocrite lives here

Yes, this week, I crossed the threshold into the land of the hypocrite.

After swearing off online dating compliments of the debacle otherwise known as Montana Man, I broke down and gave in on Tuesday. Of course, this time I am armed with my highly critical ideals (the list) and knowledge of the traps such as old photographs. Hence, I am very suspect of any and all potential gentleman callers.

Three days into this fun little experiment, I am already disheartened as the frogs have multiplied exponentially. However, I promised to give this experiment one month. Seeing as I have not been on a real date since January 2008, I will remain true to my word.

Due my position as hypocrite, only you, my little adventurers, will know of this experiment. Do fasten your seatbelts for this one!

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