07 September 2009

holiday weekend catch up

Ah! Labor Day.

What a fabulous day to be sipping down gin, leading the fabulous life of a lady of leisure!

I must motivate to head northward to a small party. But I must admit the comfy couch, silly hound dog and gin are very tempting to keep me indoors like a hermit.

It has been a busy week leading up to today though:
  • A much avoided dinner with my friend, the Professor. For the very first time, our time together was not all about her. Somehow my office hell came to the forefront, and The Prof actually admitting never asking and she was amazed at the pressure I am under and how I get it all done on top of being surrounded by dirty old men.
  • Dinner with a co-worker, where the words "I love you" were said at the end of the evening. Were the words uttered in a fatherly manner or was it something else? Much like how many licks it takes to get to the center for tootsie roll pop, the world may never know.
  • Take two with The Computer Geek. In which, I was overly guarded and I really don't think much fun. Thursday was an ugly day of a particularly ugly week. I found out my remaining elderly traveling companion, The Queen, has been ill with biopsy results pending. Thursday night was not one of my finest moments but I thought I had him fooled. However, at the end of the evening, The Computer Geek told me, "I'll leave it up to you if you want to see me again." Clearly, my evening's grand performance was lacking conviction.
  • Friday afternoon I received an e-mail from The Computer Geek.
  • Friday night was a quiet, much needed cocooning. Me and Lulu.
  • Season opener football game. I met The Computer Geek at a sports bar where we took in the game. I did have fun. I have realized that he doesn't get out a whole bunch, not in the ways that I do where I know the city like my closet. After the game, we headed down the road for a change of venue. I had a cocktail, he had a few. But we did laugh. I enjoyed myself. Of course, after my ceasing to worry and his few too many cocktails, our goodbye ended with a few pecks. He would have been more forward, but I put a halt to it. The Computer Geek did tell me that he was very glad we found each other. I have decided to not put much stock into that comment, but merely enjoy it for what it is.
  • Finished off the proper weekend with a wine party. Got home later than planned but we were laughing and having fun. Discovered The Computer Geek sent me a text message somewhere throughout the evening. Bonus that I did not awake with a hangover.
  • Earlier today, late morning, I was told The Queen has inoperable brain cancer. 12 months to live. Same brain cancer as Ted Kennedy. My heart is broken. Cue the afternoon's gin.

Which leads us to this very moment. Gin is dry. I need a bit of makeup. Then on out the door to see a few folks, laugh a bit, and remember why I love this place so very much. This life is short.


Fiona said...

I'm so sorry to hear about The Queen, I hate that goddamn disease. I hope her last months are fulfilling and that she is surrounded by love.

Good news on the beau front then :) Ach even if nothing comes of it, have fun with it.

Watch out for that gin, Patsy, it can give monster headaches ;)



thecoconutdiaries said...

Oh my. I hope you find a way to hanging there, darlin. If you need some cocktail therapy, my 2-weeks from hell end on Monday. I have GOTS to hear more about Computer Geek!