27 July 2010

energizer bunny

Ways I re-charge:

* Happening on a practically free bargain on something I have been hunting for
* Sleeping for an entire weekend
* Getting my passport stamped

I recently made my 2010 holiday reservations. Two fall holidays as my original plans for a spring holiday and a fall holiday were killed by the life-sucking-vampire project. Under a use-it-or-lose-it holiday plan, use it I will indeed!

While I am excited about both locations, I continue to get exponential excited about my return to North Africa. I cannot wait to hear the call to prayer echo through the air. To see a way of life so completely different than my own. Feel the thrill that full communication via only a smile can bring. To re-charge my long dead batteries doing what I love - being a stranger in a strange land.

The countdown begins...

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