05 October 2010

love, hate, and the real english patient

Holiday preparation is in full swing here. I have been eating up history in the form of books, documentaries, and films to educate myself about the destination. Saturday evening's education was a critically acclaimed film, The English Patient.

Yes, I live in a bubble because prior to Saturday night, I had never seen the film. Once I started university, my movie watching plummeted and really never recovered from the fall. I watched intently for both storyline and locations; feeling the swell of excitement as the realization struck that yes, I will be there and maybe Ralph Fiennes will be waiting in the Sahara Desert to take me away from this dreary place. I'd even be happy for Colin Firth or Naveen Andrews to ride up on a camel with an outstretched hand to whisk me away. 

The line that struck a chord with me was when Count Laszlo de Almasy asked Katharine Clifton, "What do you love.... say everything". She answered with a myriad of loved objects. I have found that question bopping around in my head since. What do I love?

  • I love my hounds - seeing the brightness in their eyes, the delightful smile emanating from their entire beings.
  • I love the spark of happiness that dances across the eyes of someone (friend, lover, or acquaintance) I am meeting. To see the moment of genuine happiness is bliss.
  • Hearing a man say my name. Bonus points for an accent - quite frankly, any accent.
  • I love roller coasters and potato chips.
  • I love vodka, coffee, salsa, a good pair of shoes, and fabulously unusual jewelry.
  • That I am comfortable with my own style and love expressing it. I have always followed my own drummer and the bravery to be true to myself.
  • I can take care of myself; the double edged sword of self-reliance.
  • Flowers blooming in the garden.
  • Being surrounded by the various little reminders of holidays.
  • I love the airport and the giddy feeling that anything is possible and within reach when a boarding pass is in my hand.
  • I love that I am willing to try new things, go places, and experience the many facets of this wonderful life.

Almasy then inquired, "What do you hate most?"

  • Jealousy. Jealousy and the negative things it makes people do. I absolutely hate jealousy.

Now, it's your turn. What do you love? Say everything.

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jennerilizations said...

I love warm chocolate chip cookies in milk. I love stepping on a scale and being surprised. I love a song that makes my heart beat or swell. I love a great cocktail. I love the look of a boy who appreciates my smile.

And I love that I have you to shares these things with.