15 May 2012

the doctor is in


An hour and twenty minutes is an awful long time to be on the phone for a Southern Gentleman who proclaims he hates talking on said phone. 

But alas yet again, he yammered on and on and on. As if to be told I was his confidant regarding an email he received from his ex-wife. Well, don't I feel special? I listened, offered my insight, my ideas. What I should have done was sent him a bill for psychiatric services rendered.

At first I thought Southern  Gentleman's ex-wife's reaching out was the product of her spending some quality time with a shrink of her own. But as the tale continued to unfold, I really believe she is angling to get back with him. While Southern Gentleman told me he'd not entertain a reconciliation, I have my doubts. Serious doubts. 

I feel that we should place bets on the Southern Gentleman's future. I'm going all in on the following notion: ex-wife dumps current husband (the man she originally cheated with and dumped Southern Gentleman for) and gets back on the Southern Gentleman train in nine months time. 

As they say, time will tell, but I am certain I have a winning bet.

1 comment:

Fiona said...

Aaaaaha Patsy....I once made such a prediction for the guy I was with and his ex-wife. I was spot on.

I think we women understand each other so much better than any man will ever 'get' it.

My money's on you!

Take care