26 June 2012

bodies in motion

Stating the obvious: MOVING SUCKS

Yesterday marked three weeks that I drove from Austin to Denver Suburban Hell. While completing a nearly 1,000 mile drive in one day is demanding enough, the subsequent unpacking, cleaning, sorting have been exhausting. 

The drive was tough but not because leaving at 4 AM is grueling. I have found the earlier I leave is better on the back end, especially when driving through Colorado wilderness that includes highway loving deer. Bambi scares me. I was amazed that I now know that drive cold. More so, I was shocked by how empty the car felt without Lulu. Lulu. My co-pilot, my navigator, my McDonald's hamburger eater. Our stops ate away at me. Our Abilene gas station with adjoining vet office. The Paducah gas station where Lu first learned that the imaginary wall between the front bucket seats and her back seat bench was in fact invisible; she'd stick her long slender nose at me from that day forward through the invisible wall. The Childress McDonald's where I get coffee, Lu gets a few hamburgers and we split fries (and on our last trip, she demanded she get out of the car to inspect the parking lot). Another area that required great investigation by Lulu was the dirt lot near the Love gas station in Boise City, where she damn near refused to get back into the car. Sorta makes me wonder if her bit of stubbornness and crankiness was due to the cancer's presence? Or simply because Lulu had finally found her voice and wasn't afraid to use it. The open roads were littered with memories of Lulu. I'll even admit a few times talking to her in back seat just because I was on coffee-induced autopilot. 

But I made it here. With a sad heart, a bit of hope for my new job at the ranch, and terrible allergies caused by a house full of dust and cardboard boxes. It is amazing the amount of dust that accumulates in an empty house. The miller moths and spiders have thrown millions of parties over the past five years as evidenced by the body count I have sucked up with my trusty canister vacuum. But I am getting close to done. Clean, sort, unpack, clean, ponder where this item should go, clean, ponder some more, unpack in the mean time, clean, clean, ugh! 

In fact, I have to get back to that as my first house guest arrives on Sunday! Yes, Cherry will be here on her drive back to Austin! 


Carla said...

Glad you made it to Denver safe and sound. When do you start the new job?
Should be beautiful in Colorado this time of year.
I'll second that on "Moving Sucks" no doubt about it.

patsy said...

@Carla - been at the new job a few weeks now. Gotta love our buddy, the learning curve!!